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Corporate worship is a rhythm of revelation and response.  When we gather, we listen to revelation from God's Word through music and teaching and respond not only with our voices, but with our hearts and lives.   


Worship Celebration at 10:30 a.m.

Worship is not a place or a time; it's not even an action although it leads to it.  ​​Worship is an attitude of the heart desiring ​more of the presence of God.



  • Worship Celebration 10:30 am

  • Bible Study Groups 9:30 am


  • Bread Basket Ministry 8-11 am

  • Bible Study & Prayer 6 pm

  • Choir & Praise Team 7 pm

Check Our Calendar

  • Men's Ministry Meetings

  • Women's Ministry Meetings

  • Canopy Bible Studies

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Bible Overview
Get a snapshot of the entire Bible in just a few minutes. 
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Get an overview of the Bible in picture form from with the Bible From Scratch.
Current Sermon Series 

This series looks at the book of Daniel, revealing that God, not a human king, is ultimately in control—an appropriate message for today's world of moral decline and political upheaval. This book will help us bridge the gap between the sixth century BC and the present day.  It is foundational for understanding the End Times we see in the final book of the Bible—Revelation.

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Pastor and Teacher

Stan G. Proctor

Where the Word of God is preached by the power of the Holy Spirit to the glory of Jesus Christ for the sake of all people everywhere.

Ready to Go Deeper

Study the 250 events in the "Life of Christ" for a deeper understanding of who Jesus is.  (GO)

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